Janak Systems

Janak Systems is Sri Lanka based software development firm reputed for developing high quality IT solutions for businesses. our role in embedding IT into business is , provide exactly matching , high quality software solutions for your business that is benificial to your business and to your customers. Today, IT has become a most important aspect of modern business environment. Enabaling IT into your bussines is a comprehensive process. Janak Systems has professional knowladge and experience to make IT more useful within your business.

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Total Solution Developments

Want to know how information technology can help your business's to improve? We develop highly advanced IT solutions for your bussiness to operatte more productively. you can control your business easily through your smart device, saving your time, money and make the business more responsive to your call. Want to make benifits from such a technology? We are here to help you. CALL US NOW!

Web Design & Development

Want a web solution for your bussiness? Let us professionals to design your web site today. We creates highly responsive, unique web site designs to satisfy your business's requirements assuaring high availability, easy maintaining and the reasonable budjet. We gurentee you 100% productivity for your bussiness through your web solution. HURRY NOW! Call us today.

Mobile Application Development

Is your mobile apps store always provide you the best solutions for your needs? If your answer is no, Hay, we are here to help you servive. Janak systems develop mobile applications to run in various platforms, mainly for android. We create innovative, creative and best suitable applications to match your requirements, to make your mobile device better. CALL NOW TO HEAR MORE!

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